About Us

"Pursue peace with all men".
Hebrews 12:14

Circles of Peace is an affiliate of the Fellowship of Reconciliation. We are an interfaith group open to all those who are interested in the ideas of peace and nonviolence. We endeavor to bridge the artificial gaps and divides among people from all walks of life, nations, races, sexual orientations, creeds, and beliefs. We welcome individuals who wish to spread peace through understanding and reconciliation through love into the world one individual, one group, one circle at a time. 

Our government and religious institutions have failed to create a climate of peace in our society. Though the journey will take more than one lifetime, we believe it is time for individuals to make nonviolence a personal commitment and to spread peace through understanding and reconciliation through love and mutual respect. It is time to give flesh to the idea that we treat others as we want to be treated.

Through faith, perseverance, and grace, we hope to grow from small circles to ever-increasing and overlapping circles which meet the needs and hopes of an overburdened humanity and help to ease human suffering. If one human being feels the love and respect of his fellow humans through this group, then out goals will have been accomplished. But we won't stop there....

Circles of Peace meetings aim to bring together individuals of different cultural, racial, sexual, religious, and political persuasions for civil, open, and caring dialogue. We hope to nurture personal relationships and develop communities of care which sow friendship, mutual aid, and local projects to assist the poor and oppressed members of our city and state. In deference to the actions and the structure of the Underground Railroad, each Circles of Peace host will be called a Conductor.

Although no set structure is prescribed for Circles of Peace meetings, the Conductor and participants should show respect for the cultures, beliefs, and needs of other individuals in developing their agenda. 

Coming soon. In the meantime, you can read the FOR Statement of Purpose.

John Cooper
Mirza Beg
Fran Viselli
Patrick Coryell
Alina Coryell

If you need to mail something to us, please send it to:
Circles of Peace
P.O. Box 2757
Tuscaloosa, AL 35403

Otherwise, the easiest way to reach us is by sending an email to this address.